What is a viable solution for such MLE needs?

How to acquire and make use of the needed Management Support and Business Advisory skills that are very impactful and vital for MLEs, in a cost-effective and sustainable manner?


wizadvice offers the right solution through a well-balanced engagement structure that combines the “insider’s advantages” of a full-time employment, with the effectiveness of a focused part-time support.



wizadvice will typically engage with their clients for long periods of time, on a continuous basis, trying as much as possible to avoid “rush projects”. This way, accountability of wizadvice is secured, but more importantly, enough time is allocated for a proper assessment and for successful and workable recommendations, which wizadvice will implement hand-in-hand with its clients. Due to its long-term engagement approach, wizadvice makes sure to transfer managerial and analytical skills and know-how to its clients’ staffs, which are needed for advanced business performance planning and monitoring.



A Flexible Engagement Structure

wizadvice engagement can be flexible, catering for various intensities of client interaction…but all with the same objective of a long-term business relation.



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Business Advisory Services

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