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M&A opportunities for MLEs might arise quite frequently, which could require different types and levels of assessments:

  • In some cases, a high-level feasibility study might be enough to decide whether or not to continue pursuing a certain opportunity.
  • In other instances, more work needs to be done like conducting a detailed financial valuation of a certain business.
  • When appetite for a deal gets more serious, a proper due diligence will be needed, which would be managed as a process by wizadvice, but only partially conducted by wizadvice; as some specialty areas would need to be covered, if and as needed, by relevant subject matter experts (such as legal and tax implications).
  • Post-merger / acquisition integration is a tedious process, which wizadvice could help optimize and oversee.

During the normal course of business, opportunities to partner or collaborate with other companies might need to be assessed. wizadvice would be able to assist its clients with:

  • Structuring or reviewing commercial and financial terms.
  • Modeling scenarios for determining acceptable terms and walk-away strategies.
  • Negotiating better terms on behalf of clients.

Many MLEs require support and guidance in attracting talents and skills that fit their culture and specific needs, but which could also adapt to their limitations. While it is nowadays very easy to source good CVs online, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify through interviews the right persons who will stay and grow within the organization, and who would add value to it.

Interviewing excellence comes with multi-functional experience and exposure; knowing what questions to ask and how to challenge and interpret the candidate’s answers is not a straightforward task. wizadvice will be able to support its clients in conducting a pre-defined interviewing process with relevant and accurate scoring and hiring recommendations.

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